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It is a beautiful and delightful sight to behold the body of the moon

2023 Permanent installation at
Buffalo Creek Art Center
Gardnerville Nevada USA

Concrete & steel
1200 lbs
11'.6' tall x 7'3" wide x 3'6"" deep

MUM DU Silver

Chicago Sculpture Exhibit 2023-2024 


DePaul University

801 W. Fullerton Ave  Chicago, IL, 60614 USA

6' 9" x 29" x 24" 

700 LBS

MUM Du is the third sculpture in

 my Heart series inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.


This piece represents mothers of shooting victims who have stood up peacefully in honor of their children during times of great grief and loss.


Mum Du Silver is an abstract, contemporary sculpture made from black concrete, steel and metallic silver which symbolizes strength, resilience, and hope. The Adinkra symbol in the necklace represents guardianship of children in the heavens.


As you examine the sculpture, you may notice the intricate details from rough to smooth that make up the heart-shaped form. This texture represent the unique struggles and experiences of those who have been affected by gun violence, reminding us that even in the face of tragedy, there is always hope for a brighter future.

Queen of Hearts

Chicago Sculpture Exhibit 2022-2023   

Currently located in Wicker Park 1201 N. Damen Ave, Chicago, IL, USA

The female partner to the King of Hearts, inspired by the Black Lives Matters movement and second in the Heart Series. 

10.2' x 2' x 1.5' 

1100 LBS

King of Hearts

Perrysburg Ohio USA

Perrysburg Sculpture Walk


King of Hearts closeup.jpg

Pictured in

Chicago Sculpture Exhibit


Lincoln Park Chicago, IL USA

Invertadud CSE 2020.jpeg

shown left


Invertadude in

Chicago Sculpture Exhibit


Greektown Chicago IL USA


a product of the Covid pandemic when everything in the world felt upside down, or was it right side inverted?

The sculpture was an outpouring of frustrated feelings at a time of isolation..


Invertadude 2022-2023
Silicon Valley Sculpture Fair
Menlo Park California USA


Public Sculpture 13' x 11' x 7'
Rockford Sculpture Walk
Rockford IL, USA

The inspiration for Lady of the Lake comes from the beauty and strength seen in many modern day SHEROes, also known as our lady heroes. Lady of the Lake leans into a common directional wind flow while balancing on her rock.  Currently on exhibit in downtown Rockford on the river for the biennial sculpture walk through 2024.


Pictured in Chicago Sculpture Exhibit

in Greektown Chicago IL USA



Exhibited  2020 -2022 in Chicago at 1000 Lake Shore Drive
HT 9.5' x W 4' x L 8'

1600 LBS

Artist Statement

Reflecting upon a quiet time of romantic travel, a young traveler, free to trot the globe without restriction or concern, is grounded by the world she rests on. Understanding how much freedom you have when it is no longer available can be daunting. Taking a time out to think about our restrictions allows for a deeper appreciation of that freedom.  


Palmer Square Chicago, IL USA

Chicago Tree Project 2018

Permanent installation in Palmer Square Park, Chicago IL, USA. This whimsical oversized hand and insect was designed for the City of Chicago Park District’s Tree Project in 2018.  As a member of the Chicago Sculpture International group I was invited to sculpt a tree in the program highlighting a diseased Emerald Ash. The  tree was infested with the Emerald Ash Borer larvae many years ago, died and was trimmed down to it's main trunk at 20ft.
The concrete sculpture consists of an oversized, grasping hand (11 foot long) emerging from the ground at the base of the dying tree. Just above the hand is the adult emerald ash borer also sculpted using concrete & copper.

the Helping Hand public interaction.JPG