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Carrie became fascinated with sculpting through ceramics at an early age. Her passion for building objects flourished after she and her husband, Tom, started an architectural concrete business called Fishstone Studio in 2006.

Over the past 17 years Carrie found making functional art fulfilling and began her study of sculpting with concrete as a medium.  Through concrete and her action oriented mentality, she found a calling to make sculptures that depicted the social issues of the world. She is now focused fulltime on sculpting and developing new techniques to use high performance concrete in public art and commissions.  



2023   "Moonshadow" Buffalo Creek Art Center , Gardnerville NV, USA

2023   "Queen of Hearts" Sculpture in the Parks, AustinTown Hall Chicago, IL, USA

2022   “Invertadude” Silicon Valley Sculpture Fair, Menlo Park, California, USA

2022   "King of Hearts" Perrysburg Sculpture Park, Perrysburg Ohio, USA

2022   "Queen of Hearts" Chicago Sculpture Exhibit, Wicker Park Illinois, USA

2021  "Lady of the Lake" Rockford Public Art, Riverfront, Rockford Illinois

2021  "King of Hearts"  Chicago Sculpture Exhibit, Lincoln Park Illinois, USA

2020   “World Traveler” Chicago Sculpture Exhibit  Lakeshore Park, Chicago IL 

2020   “Invertadude” Chicago Sculpture Exhibit, Greektown, Chicago IL 

2019   “Lady of the Lake” Chicago Sculpture Exhibit May 2019-2020, Chicago IL

2018    “The Helping Hand” permanent installation, Palmer Square Park, Chicago IL

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