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2022  Making waves: Silicon Valley Sculpture Fair, the six BY SHERYL NONNENBERG  

2022   Artists Turning Dying Trees Into Works of Art,   Angela Moy  |  NTD News, New York  |

2022 Free Clean Fill Dirt, book of poems by Carl Pagel, The Helping Hand pg 75

2021 Chicago Star "New sculpture makes debut in Streeterville"​, Nuria Mathog, Associate Editor

2021   Skyline Press “ There’s a new girl in Town”  vol. 116 no 53, Felicia Dechter

2020    Chicago 2nd Ward Newsletter , Brian Hopkins  “New Sculpture, World Traveler”

2019    Greektown,  Chicago IL,       August Newsletter   “New Lady of the Lake Sculpture”


2018    Mike,  August 19th  Podcast “I love the intersection of art and nature”


2018    Block Club ,        “What’s up with the Funky Trees”


2018,    “Artists transform sick and dying Chicago Trees”

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